The XOREngine

This is the first homepage of this project. I just made to have one. I hope that I can come back to this page and do some little work on it.
The following I wrote to register this project.

XOREngine - Generate Recoverfile for Multiple Files

This Project will provide an small commandline tool that give the ability to generate an recoverfile if you have multiple files. To describe where this feature is needed I will explain where I use this tool.

My Problem was that I want to archive large filebased backup to cds. The backup files are around 10-100GB big. To write them to cd I use split -b 700000000 HugeBackupFile.tar. Now i have nice cds fitting files. But what is happend to my archive if one of these cds is defect in the future? ... All is lost-:(. There was only one solution just to burn all cds double but this increase the handling time. To solve these Problem I had the idea to build an XOR File like an RAID-3 did. Now I only have to write one more cd and get the security to recover one defect cd in the future.

This Programm ist written in C++ and will run on any platform that supports posix thread's. I develop on freebsd and linux. It requires the libxml2.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)